Examples of work

Sum of Global Fears - short video soundtrack

Soundtrack work for an upcoming short video piece in Berlin for Karø Goldt. Drone / ambient ideas based around a 31tet system. Unfortunately I do not have the video to hand although general themes were impending doom surrounding the current political / environmental / social climate.

Behind Blue Eyes - Autumn 2019 live intro track

Live intro track for London metalcore band Behind Blue Eyes for their shows from Autumn 2019 onwards. Showcases some more cinematic, suspense building elements.


Looped and manipulated Alto Recorder samples. Thick drone / texture based sound.


Score for very short animation for a University of Bristol project. (fade out at the end and foley sounds were not my edits FYI!)


The third and final part of my composition Sleep. Fuses ideas from popular music with a classical composition approach and focuses on usage of space and ambience.


Hello, World!